Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 SUMMER FUN Collection: Sleeping Stitch Plushies

 "SUMMER FUN" Collection was released in Japan recently.
The sleeping theme made another comeback this year with material slightly different 
from the previous versions, they are softer and more squishy just like mochi.

 1. SUMMER FUN Stitch Pillow 
Size:               45×50×10.5(cm) 
Weight:           230(g)
Retail Price:     2,808 Yen

 2. SUMMER FUN Sleeping Stitch Plush
 Size:              17×30×29(cm)
Weight:           245(g)
Retail Price:     3,240 Yen

3. SUMMER FUN Sleeping Stitch Plush
 Size:              7.5×16×13(cm)
Weight:           40(g)
Retail Price:     1,080 Yen

4. SUMMER FUN Sleeping Stitch Plush
 Size:              8×13×12(cm)
Weight:           35(g)
Retail Price:     1,620 Yen

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