Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lilo and Stitch Guitar Plush Tokyo Disney Resort

It is a set of 3 pieces. 
A guitar, Lilo and Stitch from Tokyo Disney Resort. Measures 12" tall.
As part of the design. Lilo is is in the pocket with Stitch attached to the guitar with magnet.
They can be removed from the guitar and play with.
Very Rare and Hard to Find!

Jumba Jookiba Medium Soft toys

Here are 4 popular Jumba Medium size soft toys from 4 different brands. 

1. Jumba Plush with Big Yellow Gun from Disney Store
(US and UK version are pretty much the same, except their differences on the tush tags. The UK version has both tush tag and paper tag. In the US version , he doesn't have any paper tag, just a tush tag.)

2. Jumba Plush from Disney Procter & Gamble Promo Flash 

3. Jumba Plush from Disney Store Japan 

4. Jumba Plush from Sega Japan 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Disney Parks Star Wars Stitch as Yoda

(Left)  Disneyland Park California  
(Middle)   Tokyo Disney Resort  
(Right)   Disneyland Paris   

All 3 versions of Stitch as Yoda. As a huge star wars fan, I just can't love them more. Don't you think they look sooo cute with the Green Lightsabers?

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Disney Stitch Squishy Bread

This cute 15-cm Stitch bread was retailed in Japan a few years ago. 
It has become one of the rare pieces due to Disney limited production run.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Stitch and Angel Banana Plush 50 cm

Disney has been marketing a line of plush toys based on themes that children can relate to. One of my favortie is Fruit-themed plush toy. It gains massive popularity among disney fans and still continues to expand to include a wide range of fruit types, 
such as apple banana strawberry pumpkin etc.
This's the Biggest Fruit-themed Stitch plush ever produced by Disney.
Size: 50 cm x 40 cm

Thursday, August 6, 2015

All-time favorite Scrump plushies

30 cm Heartland Scrump and 40 cm DS Japan Scrump
Finding these 2 Scrump plushies was incredibly exciting 
Both are just too cute to resist, and very HTF.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

US: Stitch Puppet House and Stitch DVD Set

My favorite 10+ year old collectibles
They were retailed when Lilo and Stitch first came out 10 years ago.

Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 Tokyo Disney Resort: What's in store this year?

Stitch is back to his original version this year with no fancy costume.
But still incredibly soft and huggable as ever.
As to its price, the Stitch and Red Rocket keychain was retailed for 1,500 Yen.
 Only available for a limited time during the 34th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort.

 Retail Price: 3,600 Yen

 Retail Price: 3,200 Yen

 Retail Price: 3,200 Yen

2015 SUMMER FUN Collection: Sleeping Stitch Plushies

 "SUMMER FUN" Collection was released in Japan recently.
The sleeping theme made another comeback this year with material slightly different 
from the previous versions, they are softer and more squishy just like mochi.

 1. SUMMER FUN Stitch Pillow 
Size:               45×50×10.5(cm) 
Weight:           230(g)
Retail Price:     2,808 Yen

 2. SUMMER FUN Sleeping Stitch Plush
 Size:              17×30×29(cm)
Weight:           245(g)
Retail Price:     3,240 Yen

3. SUMMER FUN Sleeping Stitch Plush
 Size:              7.5×16×13(cm)
Weight:           40(g)
Retail Price:     1,080 Yen

4. SUMMER FUN Sleeping Stitch Plush
 Size:              8×13×12(cm)
Weight:           35(g)
Retail Price:     1,620 Yen

Say Hi to 2015

Hi guys, (Hi again since my last post in 2010) 


I would like to thank you for dropping by and for all supportive feedback during these past 5 years. It has been a wonderful journey getting to know all Lilo and Stitch collectors from around the world, especially to my new friends who found this blog and friended me on Facebook. :)

My collection still keeps growing during these past 5 yrs, will post more~~ ♡ Stay tuned!

Complete set of 3  Angel Stitch and Scrump from Hong Kong Disneyland 2015
They are NWT and look so cute in the furry fleece Pajamas
 with highly detailed embroidered slippers and duffy pillows.
Size: Approx 13'' (head to toe)